Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's the latest Transformer doodle
* Optimus Prime (drawn like the grinning truck)
* Jolt - blue Chevrolet - I googled the name because I didn't know what * was the robot that he drew. He said it's in the Transformer II movie. I'll let him know tonight
* Mudflap - red Chevrolet Trax
* Skids - green Chevrolet Beat
* Bumblebee - yellow Chevrolet Camaro
* Ironhide - black GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck

On Monday, he told me that he took temperature in school. This was our conversation
Shawn : Mommie, I take temperature in school. The temperature (thermometer) said that I got cough. *Cough* *cough*.
Mommie : So what was the reading?
Shawn : It says 33.66 (mmm the thermometer only shows up to one decimal point)
Mommie : Really? 33.66?
Shawn : Yes (nod nod). The temperature is very short (low)
Mommie : Correction, it's low, not short

Shawn : I take temperature today, say I don't have cough
Mommie : Good to hear that. So what was the reading
Shawn : It is 36.6, not short like 33.66

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