Thursday, April 26, 2012

Here's the latest Transformer doodle
* Optimus Prime (drawn like the grinning truck)
* Jolt - blue Chevrolet - I googled the name because I didn't know what * was the robot that he drew. He said it's in the Transformer II movie. I'll let him know tonight
* Mudflap - red Chevrolet Trax
* Skids - green Chevrolet Beat
* Bumblebee - yellow Chevrolet Camaro
* Ironhide - black GMC Topkick C4500 pickup truck

On Monday, he told me that he took temperature in school. This was our conversation
Shawn : Mommie, I take temperature in school. The temperature (thermometer) said that I got cough. *Cough* *cough*.
Mommie : So what was the reading?
Shawn : It says 33.66 (mmm the thermometer only shows up to one decimal point)
Mommie : Really? 33.66?
Shawn : Yes (nod nod). The temperature is very short (low)
Mommie : Correction, it's low, not short

Shawn : I take temperature today, say I don't have cough
Mommie : Good to hear that. So what was the reading
Shawn : It is 36.6, not short like 33.66

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Here's the product from art class today. Shawn said that he chosed the color and color the wood on his own. On the way home, he was shaking it away and asked, "Mommie can you hear the song? You know you can hang it at the window also, and hear the song." Then back at home, I took it and hang in the kitchen window. He changed his mind and told me that I should not hang the windchime at the window. I asked why. He said, "Because I scared". Of? The reply was, "Scared it drop and break"

Friday, March 9, 2012

An evening with the dogs

We had a great evening at Lai & Hoe's place. Yes I need to blog it down because we all saw Aiko again.. of course Morrie, lovesssss! Aiko remembers me, not trying to be drama but I (probably) almost shed a tear when I saw her !!! I don't remember any barking either that I'm as excited seeing her again!! I'm absolutely happy to see her after long time. Dylan probably don't have the faintest memory of Aiko but Shawn still speak of his pet back in the old house. Initially when the dogs rushed out when the boys were just so tickled when they were licked by the dogs. No sign of fear - check! Good! And the kiddos absolutely love to play with the dogs! Dylan went around the house calling 'dog dog' but he wasn't too happy having Morrie trying to beg for food under the dining table, while he's having his dinner. Dylan was busy trying to snatch Aiko's angry bird pulshie but thankfully he didn't try too hard and was stopped by us not to rough house too much with her. While Dylan was having apple, Morrie managed to get a piece of apple off Dylan's hand... I didn't believe Dylan actually allowed that! As for Shawn he's the gentle one patting the dog head... awww... I feel the love! We had great food, great wine and great company while the kids had great food, FRUITS and dogs to begin with!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things that I don't know

For the past week, Shawn seems to love his books more dearly. We are very happy about it. I should think school teach him new words and he could read quite fluently, if not he's probably reciting from what he remembers :) The content of these books are repetitive and that probably helped him to recognize the words well.  Now I feel my investments are worth it hahaaa. These are the few books that Shawn could read almost 80% of are these and he usually chooses them from the shelves:
The Gruffalo (a book that never fail to amuse him)
Jack and the Beanstalk (his all time favorite even before he recognizes any words)
The Three Billy Goats Gruff (Shawns said they have something like that in school too)
Usborne Phonic Readers Pack (such cute illustrations.. I love it too)
Scholastic First Little Readers Pack A & B (we got this during Xmas 2years ago, finally he took interest to read them)

About reading in school, he said this tonight, "Babies' books have big big words, the bigger I grow the smaller the words in the book". I also  checked what books are they reading now in school, he said, "Care bears"

I have a hard time catching up with the Chinese words he learn in school. They were bombarding the kids with INSECTS in both Chinese and English, for almost a month. I only know 虫 chóng and nothing else... He can recognize the words and 'draws' them way better than me... mommie knows nuts
蚱蜢 zhà mĕng grasshopper
螳蜋 táng láng praying mantis
蜜蜂 mì fēng bee
瓢虫 piáo chóng ladybird
毛虫 máo chóng caterpillar
蜈蚣 wú gōng centipede
蜻蜓 qīng tíng dragonfly
黄蜂 huáng fēng wasp

In Shawn's own words :
Only big bees sting people, they chase bear and people and sting them. When they lose their sting they die. Small bees are good bees. They make honey.

We had this exchange a couple of weeks ago :
I read to Shawn tonight for about 10minutes or so, in between his regular TV time. So after that he watched tv and the usual stuff. After he got ready for bed, he insisted that he wanted to read books. So...

Mommie : But Shawn earlier I read to you
Shawn : No, I want to read books
Mommie : Yea, tomorrow then you read ok? Just now Mommie read to you
Shawn : Just now YOU read to me, now I read myself!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Shawn's quick update

We had a chitchat with Tr Katie this morning. Shawn's doing pretty well on school, importantly paying attention in class. As for his 'well being', Tr Katie gives him a bigger portion meals since he doesn't usually ask for more, and well, he does eat up! So that's good news. I asked if he plays roughs in school, she said it's not to such extend that she has to pry the kids apart (much to my relief). She said, however we may see a different set of behaviour at home since there is likely to be less/no boundaries as compared to what they have in school. Therefore, he might behave differently somehow...

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Before Mommie forget...

Some new words...

Yesterday he did mention the word MEDIUM, as in small, medium, big (large). I think he just learnt the word in school. Today's new words used was "accidentally" and "ladies". On the way home he said, "Mommie I got 3 blue black on my knee. I run (ran) and was not careful. I accidentally fell down at the school playground near the seasaw.  Two ladies helped me up. " Hmm.. nice. Later then I found out it's the 2 aunties who helped out in the kitchen, helped him up. I asked if he said thank you, he said nope. Aiyoyo!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Shawn's good use of a new word EXCEPT (he did that in the right context)!

His definition of Hosang and Isaac being naughty is "They are naughty. Isaac and Ho Sang do not know ABC and spell their names. They run around the classroom." I redefined not knowing ABC and to spell their names as "People learn at different rate (to him it's SPEED). You should not call them naughty for not knowing ABC and spelling their names". School's good. They learn letter P yesterday and N today. Tr Zhi Lan taught them to color items which starts with letter N. And recently he does the auto reporting about what he eats for breakfast, lunch and snack.

Last night he reminded Ah Ma that yesterday (last year), he made Chinese New Year cards. And also made fire crackers. Felt guilty not doing any art and craft. It's just that I put Dylan to bed and by the time I get out it's time for HIM to go to bed. Booohoooo!

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Isaac

He started Chinese enrichment class last Saturday. When I sent him there, there was another boy crying. I was a little worried that he might want to cling on to me, thankfully not. :) He was happy when I picked him up. I asked if he got to know new friends. Then he said, "Yes got (there is) one Isaac. Not the Isaac from childcare, but another Isaac. So I said, "Oh... new friend, new Isaac?" He giggled and replied, "Yes new Isaac. The one who wore red shirt. He is nice I like him." Ok, new found friend. I'm glad he like the venue and the class. Guess it must have been fun!

Shawn seemed insomic these days. Not sure why but he's coming in and out of his room at least 3 times every night to say, things like
  • The uncle downstairs sneezed very loud, He sneezed twice
  • Dylan turned 3 times and he knocked the bed
  • The motorbike is very noisy, I cannot sleep
  • I need my socks, my feet are very cold
  • Mommie can I sleep in your room?
  • Mommie, can you ask Ah Ma to come in? She said she is going to sleep already... and the list goes on
So anyway, last night Shawn saw us snacking supper (me = strawberries, YT = bread). He came out and said to papa, "Papa, you cannot eat bread, if not later you poo poo". Guess it's the same logic that we told him not to drink too much water just before bedtime else he might wet the bed.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Today's update

This morning Shawn sprang into action once he got out of bed. Reason being yesterday he was telling me today is playground day. So it was fuss free getting ready for school. He went straight to the bathroom, ready to pee, freshen up and brush his teeth. And he quickly changed his uniform. Later in the evening I learnt that they didn't go to the playground today but instead to bicycle park. Typically they have 4 outdoor activities within the school compound - playground, sand play, bicycle park and water play. And the classes rotate for these outdoor activitives daily. Well, fret not, he didn't sound upset .. so that's a relief.

While getting ready for bath today, he told me Tr Katie taught them about mammals today.So what are mammals? In his words animals with backbone (like whale, lion, tiger) and breathe through their nose. They have backbone which are called vertebrates. Good that he listens in class :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First post of 2012

Shawn used the word sensitive on New Year's day. Think it's like a new found word when he suddenly said it in the car, "Dogs have sensitive nose, they can smell many smell, very sensitive".

He probably should realised that he's Mr Perfectionist in the making. We usually hang water bottles on the hook in the car. Recently bought booster seat for Dylan so Shawn sits by the window and the bottle hangs near his leg. Yesterday he said, "No the water bottle cannot swing, must be like that!". Of course it'll swing when the car moves. So he tried very hard to make sure the bottle stayed and he got really upset when it kept twisting and swinging.

My mom and I brought him to Berries last night to sign him up for Chinese class. Glad I remembered to call the class and got a place to start this Saturday. He seems to like the venue and was happy. He is very looking forward to attending Chinese class. Just hope he'll pay attention in the class and comes home to 'teach' us instead... hahaaaa!

I have been on logger heads with Shawn and yes, your truly is typically the one who snap at him first. I'll change and I'll make sure I'll change before anyone goes nuts. I need to learn to filter out everything which I deem as noise that would keep me sane. Bad start for the year, but hell it's just last two days. Will be better for the rest of the 364days for 2012. Jasmine faces the same problem with Ho Sang, we were just exchanging notes over lunch just now. Apparently it's the same language used by our boys on protesting what they don't want to do and exclaiming loudly on their unhappiness over little things. So I'm not the only one who's going nuts. :) And Yes I'm not the only one, I feel more NORMAL now...

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dayout 22Dec11

Yesterday I took a day off, and brought Shawn out. We took a train from expo and had breakfast with YT at Raffles City. He had a soft bun with kaya (minus the butter) and 1/2cup of milo. I wanted to bring him to the Philatelic museum but it was drizzling. So after breakfast we walked around Paper market. He loves the stationery, was busy shaking pencil lead, looking at all sort of pens and pencils. I had to turn around all the time to make sure he didn't walk away from me! We took a walk to the museum and poor kid complained his toes are painful after 10minutes walk. We took a really SLOOOOOWWW walk. Anyway, Shawn couldn't appreciate much of the regular exhibits of stamps and the process of it. He was adoring the skull of a baby elephant and molar at the Elephant Stampede exhibit. Other than that nah.. nothing that fancies him much. Then we went to upstairs to view Tin Tin exhibition and also the kiddy gallery of Rabbits. That's where he spent most of the time.

We walked back to Raffles City for lunch. He was granted his kappamaki and I made him eat some oyako-don too. After lunch, it was shopping time, I was stuck at toys department for 1/2hr, before begging him to go off buy saying that we'll buy Chewy doughnut to munch. I managed to make him queue to pay for some melamine cups and plates for him (of course, Ben10) and Dylan (Thomas the Train). One of the few Ben10 things I got for him. Then I dragged some time to go to Marks and Spencer. He asked me, on the way to 2nd floor, "Is it boring?". He was excited seeing Ben10 52pcs puzzle at M&S. Ah.. well, just get it for him and head down to B1 to get the doughnuts. We sat at Starbucks; Shawn with orange juice, munching doughnuts in the coffee joint. :D then took a train back. He was able to stay awake until 10pm before hitting the sack. I'm amazed he didn't complain he's sleepy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

About Shawn

As far as I can remember
- Today he sang a Mandarin song in front of his classmates. We got him to sing to us, hmmm weren't sure what song was it but he said it's some kiddy Chinese song
- He learnt about vowels and consonants, I don't remember what age I learnt that in school though...
- Told me that one of his classmates got scolded by Tr Katie for hitting him on the head with thermometer cover (no harm done, probably just boys playing)
- Tonight he wanted to read. He read 80% one of a book from Scholastic (Hello Beach) and can read say 70% Snow Bug book. We are very happy with his effort! We got the books from Xmas last year. I have to admit only few pop ups on Snow bug books survived to date thanks for Dylan the destroyer.
- He is loving stencils a lot. He has been tracing lots of animals, dinosaurs etc. And today he did, I'm pretty amazed how he did the colors especially on the turtle and duck.  I asked if he used a ruler or something to guide, he said, "Nope, just use stencil to draw and then color pencils to color like that, like that (gesturing his hands coloring the paper)"

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

About Shawn

Shawn : Yesterday I got married with Xin Rui.
Mommie : Huh? What did you say?
Shawn : Yesterday I got married with Xin Rui.

Mommie : Ooo really, so how did it go?
Shawn : I hold her hand and dance
Mommie : Nice... so what song did you dance to?
Shawn : Nothing , just hold hand
I figure it's role playing in Tr Katie's class..
Today when we left school, Xin Yi hugged Shawn before leaving. Then I asked, if Xin Yi is nice. He said, "Yes, she plays with me and nice to me". Then I asked, "So does she play with Ho Sang too?". He answered, "No, Ho Sang is naughty, that's why she don't (doesn't) play with him"

Friday, December 2, 2011

Parents/Teachers conference

We had parents teach conference on last Saturday. Kids were roaming and playing at the playground. We spoke to Tr Seena about Shawn. Apparently, he is progressing well, pays attention in the class. His physical development is improving. She said recently when he learnt to jump/land on both feet and he could do it, he was very very happy. And kept telling her, "See Tr Seena, I can jump". Overall he's doing well in the class and willing to learn. It seems he does like to go to the library corner during free time (unlike at home, it's all TV and kungfu every minute). And Tr Seena reassured us that gone are the days of emotional breakdown in class. Apparently he is the type who can't quite take critism very well. So we got to phrase it in a different manner (I need to change - big time!)